What should you do if you receive a request directly from the State?

At times you may receive a request from the state directly, instead of from Thomas & Company. This can happen due to many reasons. If you receive a paper claim/decision/hearing request directly from the state, you can send those requests to us. This can be done 1 of 2 ways.

1. You can upload it via SHIELD

To do so, log onto your account first. Once on your dashboard locate the “Did you receive a notification directly?”



Once clicked, it will take you to the document upload page. From here you can drag and drop the claim/decision/hearing/etc. or you can click “choose them” and upload it that way.




Once attached, additional fields will populate requiring a few additional details. Please note these fields are not required, just highly recommended that you fill them out. After you are done, you can select upload:




After you select upload, you will get a reference # for your records.




2. You can email it to our Claims Team

If you do not have SHIELD access, you can always email these items to claims@thomas-and-company.com instead.


As always if you have any additional questions, please email SHIELD support at portal@thomas-and-company.com




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