I can’t get into my account. How do I reset my password? Where do I get my Pin Code?

If you need to reset your password for your SHIELD account, you can do so from the landing page:


You will click submit, once you have entered in your email address. (Please make sure there are no spaces after your email address, or you will get an error message stating “Invalid email address”)


You will then click “Forgot Password”.


You will then hit “Reset Password”.

This will take you to the reset password screen:


At this point, wait until you get the necessary PIN code sent to your email. The email will look like the image below:


This pin code you will enter in the PIN code box in the password reset screen (Please be sure to type this in versus copy/paste):


Afterwards enter in your new password to the stipulations listed below in red:


Once all the fields are complete Hit “Update Password”. The screen will then say your password has been updated. You will also get an email informing you that your password has been changed. Afterwards you will then be able to log on to the SHIELD site.  

Please email the SHIELD support team if you do not get a PIN code email or if you get a message stating that your account has been disabled like the image below:


As always if you have any additional questions, please email SHIELD support at portal@thomas-and-company.com



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