What should you do if you receive a request directly from the State? For Tax Gateway and Benefit Charge Portal.

At times you may receive a request from the state directly, instead of from Thomas & Company. This can happen due to many reasons. If you receive a Tax document directly from the state, you can send those requests to us.

Tax Gateway/Benefit Charge Portal

To do so, log onto your account first. If Tax Gateway/benefit Charge Portal isn’t your default option locate “Tax Gateway” or “Benefit Charge Portal” respectively on your Navigation Pane.


Once clicked, it will take you to the Tax Gateway/Benefit Charge Portal page. (This may be the default view for some users). From here you can drag and drop the document, or you can click “choose them” and upload it that way.


Once attached, you will see the document populate. You can feel free to add more documents. After you are done, you can select upload:


After you select upload, you will get a reference # for your records.


If you do not have Tax Gateway/Benefit Charge Portal access you can always email SHIELD Support.


As always if you have any additional questions, please email SHIELD support at portal@thomas-and-company.com


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